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Beautiful Lady Jane Sanitary Napkin Belt

This beautiful Lady Jane Adjustable Sanitary Tabbed Napkin Belt is designed to hold your Tabbed Sanitary Napkins in place with confidence! This gorgeous sanitary napkin belt has the metal hooks in the front and back to hold your tabbed sanitary napkinss in place. This beautiful Lady Jane Sanitary belt is better than Kotex* because it is adjustable This pretty belt has three eye n hooks in the back so you can adjust this belt. If you look on the left side I have moved the adjustment so you can see the adjustment. Thia beautiful sanitary napkin belt is available in Snow White Please look at my other items I have some 8" tabbed napkins that you can use with this beautiful belt. One size fits all.

Lady Jane Adjustable Sanitary Napkin Belt LadyJanebeltpad$9.99pad